Finding Your Reason for Becoming Plastic-Free

We have become a 'throw-away' culture that relies on the most harmful material on this planet, PLASTIC.

Plastic strips the earth of non-renewable resources pollutes our oceans, chokes the air we breathe, harms flora and fauna, doesn't decompose, releases harmful chemicals into the ecosystem and has even been found in our bodies as well.

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Reasons Why the Earth is Important

Sometimes we are faced with eco-anxiety and don't know how to solve this crisis. Plastic continues to pollute our environment and the main offenders are large companies. One person can make a difference. But every person has a choice, as a consumer, it is important to vote with your dollar. If we continue to blame other people for the messes we create we will not solve the issue of plastic pollution. It is not just my generation (Gen Z) responsible as the game changers in this fight against plastic, it must be a collective fight.

It is critical to have a reason for living a sustainable life because, without a drive, there is no motivation to want to change. My motivation comes from my love for the planet, it upsets me to see that the way we live as humans effects the life on this earth. We have wiped out over 60% of animal species within 50 years. And we continue to endanger more and more species. I knew I wanted to be a part of the solution after seeing the impacts of plastic in my own life. When I'm older I do not want my children to inherit the earth destroyed by anthropogenic processes. I do not want to see more wildlife wiped out because of us.

Although plastic is cheap, lightweight and easy to mould there are so many alternatives out there that do not have the devastating effects on our earth. We can break our addiction to plastic and shift away from our 'throw-away' culture to become a society that lives with less plastic and eventually plastic-free. It is not about being perfect but rather trying your best to make small changes in your daily life.

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So will you take the challenge?

I have designed easy ways to come on board for those who have just started their plastic-free journey. Click the links below to navigate each section: